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Racist cupcakes?

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How can a cupcake be racist?   If you are a progressive,  you see racism lurking everywhere,  in everything.   Of course,  this attitude exposes the logical inconsistencies in the progressive point of view,  and this story is a perfect example.   A bakery owned and operated by a woman who is herself biracial,  is  accused of racism  because one of her best-selling cupcakes,  which contain an Oreo cookie,  was called The President.

The poor small business owner has changed the name of the delicious confection to The Professional to try to quash the manufactured and hideously misplaced faux outrage.   She also had  another cupcake  sold as The Intern,  which featured blue icing,  and apparently people decided that referred to Monica Lewinsky,  Bill Clinton’s intern.

Progressives constantly claim that blacks and other minorities can not possibly be racist,  because they are minorities and therefore victims,  yet claim this woman is racist.  Therein lies major hypocrisy and downright stupidity.



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October 15, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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