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Media polling BS…

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Sundance of the Conservative Tree house has  deconstructed the  latest poll showing Queen Hillary 11 points ahead.   Please read with with attention,  as it shows the level of deceit MSM employs to promote Hillary.   Thomas Lifson  agrees with  Sundance.

Add to that the new meme of CBS and NBC touting the GOP civil war and predicting that  the GOP will lose both houses of Congress,  and it should remind you of MSM’s all-out war on Mitt Romney, even more egregious because he is a thoroughly decent man without the slightest hint of impropriety or scandal in his life.

Big media routinely fails to report the size of Trump’s crowds,  and customarily  pads the numbers  at Hillary’s,  along with carefully staging photos so you don’t see all the empty seats at her smaller venues.   The bottom line is that if you support a candidate who lies whenever she opens her mouth,  it should be no surprise that you are willing to lie for her,  even if your job,  protected by the Constitution,  is to deliver actual news to the American people.






Written by timeforthorns

October 11, 2016 at 11:56 pm

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