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Race over?

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Chuck Todd has  declared it  so because of the release by the Clinton dirty tricks team of Trump talking trash about women on a hot mic,  but Bill Clinton is an accused rapist and abuser.   Trump was talking junk the way I’ve heard many men talk,  from all walks of life,  income levels,  and ethnic backgrounds.   It is tacky and distasteful,   just as the comments of women are when they are discussing the same things.   If you don’t believe me,  go to a Chippendale show and listen to them  —  they are just as crude and boorish as the men.  Also recall that Trump was hiring women to run divisions of his companies decades ago.   Look at who Hillary has hired,  not to actually produce anything of value,  but to protect her more than ample ass.   His Oneness is  not exempt  either,  as more than  one video shows.

The worst of the hypocrisy is that the media and the Democrats are acting as if bad language is worse than a woman who continued her husband’s habit of endangering national security,  who tried  to destroy  the women he slept with as well as those he abused,  who lies every time she opens her mouth.

I despise Hillary Clinton because I know what she is and what she will do if she gains the presidency.   I am no fan of Donald Trump,  in part because I don’t find brash,  rich New Yorkers very attractive,  though I have been treated quite kindly by ordinary New Yorkers.  But Queen Hillary has surrounded herself with people just as corrupt and venal as she herself is,  people who will lie,  cheat,  and steal without hesitation so long as they get their cut.   Some of Trump’s advisers are decent, upstanding people who will attempt to steer him in the proper direction.

And there is one more thing:  the Clintons love only themselves.   They don’t like you and they don’t like America.   The Trumps appear to actually love America.   That should make your choice easier,  even if you have to hold your noses.

And Trump punked the press before the Sunday night debate,  which I won’t watch.   The press walked in to what they thought was a pre-debate presser and there sat some of Bill Clinton’s better  known accusers.


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October 10, 2016 at 10:05 am

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