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Vice-presidential debate…

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I couldn’t bring myself to watch,  mainly because Tim Kaine is a raging radical pretending to be a moderate,  and his voice has become almost as unpleasant as Hillary’s,  along with his bug-eyed insincerity.

The general consensus was that Pence  destroyed Kaine  in the debate.   Kaine had been assigned  as attack dog,  not debater,  and he looked like a maniacal  serial  interrupter  in the face of Pence’s  calm logic.   Queen Hillary’s campaign  strategy of  attacking Trump seems hollow,  but was Kaine’s  flop enough or Pence’s clear  win enough?

Kaine admitted his own  wife noted  his interruptions,  but apparently thought nothing else about his  supremely creepy  performance.   Even Queen Hillary  knows her  running mate bombed,  hence her campaign’s wild over-compensation for his  having shown  why he was the perfect choice for her.

This exchange is  one reason  Pence won.








Written by timeforthorns

October 8, 2016 at 11:10 pm

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