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This rescue cat is  returning the  favor to the man who rescued him.   Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a rescued animal is unaware that it has been saved and by whom.   They know,  they never forget,  and the dumbest and most stand-offish of them will still do something to repay those who saved it.  Almost every dog I’ve ever had was a rescue,  and until the day they died,  they were grateful for my small act of charity.

If you rescue an animal and treat it well,  it will in return treat you well.   Think about that the next time you or someone you know is considering getting a pet.  Not everyone is equipped to deal with a puppy or kitten,  regardless of the extreme cuteness,  but there are many older dogs and cats who have been turned in to animal shelters due to the death of the owners or the inability to care for them.   Most of them have very good manners,  are already house-trained,  and are accustomed to people and to figuring out how their environment works.   The more intelligent animals can be hard to spot in a shelter situation because they tend to shut down.   We spotted Big Girl because she was fairly large,  bold and willing to demand attention with the cheapest action possible,  which told us she was intelligent and had figured it out beforehand.   She was adopted out several times and returned because she was large and ungovernable.  She was a bit of a wild child,  but she responded as a dog should to the proper stimuli.  I have never spanked her,  only scowled ferociously and displayed massive disapproval.   It took only about 45 days for her to figure out she couldn’t do things all her own way and get rewarded,  and to decide that my way was all right and earned her generous pets and treats and commendations.   A bit of patience,  some compassion,  and you will have an admirable companion.




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October 8, 2016 at 10:09 am

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