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Hillary and Trump 1st debate…

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I confess I did not watch the debate.   Yesterday was a long,  tiring and rather unpleasant day,  and I was in no mood for politics,  especially since I have no candidate to vote for,  only ones to vote against.  I did see some footage with no sound while I waited for the local late news,  and my observation was that Trump looked dour and dull,  and Hillary looked like a wide-eyed robot.

Roger Simon may  have it  right,  and We the People may  have gotten  the debate we deserved.   Maybe we should call it the who’s  less crazy  debate?   Trump was  taking on  an entire system,  not just Hillary,  and as I expected,  moderator Lester Holt couldn’t quite keep his little fingers  off the  scales.   I find it amusing that he is apparently a  registered Republican,  but does anyone believe he has ever in his entire life voted for a Republican?

I was interested in John  Hinderaker’s comments,  and  those of  Matthew Walther,  though I suppose that Thomas Lifson’s  point that  who you are determines your opinion is correct.   Jonah Goldberg is also right that how you score  the debate determines who won.   With those caveats, pundits and viewers had their own opinions,  with the  majority of  snap  polls favoring Trump.   Perhaps the most reliable gauge is the effect the debate had on a  bar full  of undecideds and Democrats,  who  preferred Trump the gentleman to Hillary the slugger.

No one can dispute that Hillary has  great command  of the facts,  which she emits with well-rehearsed efficiency,  and while she may have made more points,  Trump may  have scored  more.   My questions is:  if Hillary was truly thinking she was hitting a home run,  why was she demanding during the debate that her media pals go after Trump?




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September 27, 2016 at 11:55 pm

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