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You can tell yourself that you are not really surprised that  more than  a quarter of French Muslims support hard-line Islam and back Sharia,   because France doesn’t have a sterling track record when it comes to assimilation of immigrant groups.

But the USA does,  so what can you say about  this video  of Somali Americans living in Minneapolis and their views on Sharia?

As I have explained before,  Islam is the sole major religion which has not undergone reformation as a whole.   Some groups of individuals have reformed their practice of Islam themselves,  but what the jihadists practice is straight out of the 7th Century version of Islam.   Many Muslims know Islam needs badly to be reformed,  but very few are willing to speak out like Zuhdi Jasser.   If you don’t know who he is,  you should, as he is an  admirable man  who is trying to rescue his religion and those who practice it.


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September 21, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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