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Manhattan explosion…

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This video shows the  immediate aftermath  of the explosion which rocked the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.   New York Mayor de Blasio issued a mealy-mouthed statement worthy of His Oneness,  being careful to admit the  blast was  intentional,  but taking some  well-deserved  heat for refusing  to mention  terrorism.   He is correct that we do not know the identity of the perpetrator or the reason for it,  but he is an idiot for not making the logical connection between the attack and terrorism, especially since the devices used were apparently  similar to  those employed in  the Boston Marathon.   A 911 caller  has warned  there will be more.

Possibly the only person who looked dumber was Hillary Clinton,  who used the word “bombing” and forty  seconds later  criticized Trump’s use of the same word in her answer to a so-called journalist.

Jim Geraghty lays out the  few facts  we do know at this point.   There are additional questions  considering the  similarities with the blast at the New Jersey military fun-run.   ISIS-related media has  already claimed that the man who on Saturday stabbed eight at a Minnesota mall before being killed by an off-duty cop was a soldier of Islam.

This strikes me as a  lot of coincidences  on a single day.





Written by timeforthorns

September 19, 2016 at 10:04 am

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