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Greenwich, Connecticut,  will be one of the first cities in the world with a new high-end gas station and convenience chain.   The  GP Club  will feature a steakhouse,  water park,  sleeping suite,  clothing boutique and assorted other enticements.   You will have to have a household net worth of at least $50 million to be considered for membership,  which presumably means you’ll be able to afford the undisclosed annual fee.

My observant is that there are different kinds of rich people.   Some, like Hillary Clinton,  have not driven a vehicle in decades and would not be caught dead fueling her own car.  Common folk do that,  you know.   Other ultra-rich drive wildly expensive cars (when they aren’t being repaired),  and they like to think they are showing the common touch by pumping their own gas,  but you will rarely find them at gas stations outside their area of influence and comfort.

The Guess Corporation is likely calculating that most qualified rich folks will prefer the exclusivity of its refueling stations.   It is probably correct, which I find both somewhat amusing and slightly depressing.   Having grown up on a farm,  I am long accustomed to pumping my own gasoline and diesel.   My father gave me that chore as soon as I was big enough and strong enough to manage the task.   We had the old pumps with the swing handles,  and a glass tank on to,  the sort you see in old photos now   The Standard Oil delivery man was a buddy I was always happy to see.,  and he cheerfully accepted my “help”.

Even though my college years were in the dark ages,  I can’t tell you how many children of privilege I had to teach how to pump their own gas,  despite the fact that many service stations would actually put gas in for you back then.   Half of them didn’t even know which side of their vehicle the gas tank was on,  so I strongly suspect the GP Club will feature attendants to do such actual dirty work.






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September 15, 2016 at 10:07 am

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