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9/11 in 2016…

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Let’s begin with the  most uninspiring,  insipid message imaginable from His Oneness,  a man who has done far more to divide the nation than all the terrorists combined.   Indeed,  my observation is that one reason progressives hate mentioning terrorism is that it unites the country,  while they depend on dividing it to maintain power.   Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz have written an  op-ed blasting  Obama for his multitude of failures concerning terrorism.   The next president will have a herculean task  in undoing  such disastrous policies.   The list of what the nation  failed to learn  from the 9/11 attacks is long,  but we have learned a  few things.

As Gen. Jack Keane points out,  most of us  went on  with our lives after the attack.   The real cause for concern is that official government policy is now  willful blindness  to the threat of Islamist terrorism.   This attitude reflects an astounding ignorance of both history and ideology,  since 9/11 was  far from  the first attack on America by Muslims.   In keeping with progressive ideals,  the public education system seems determined to teach students  to either ignore the attack,  or accept that America itself,  and we Americans,  are to blame.

Whatever your view of President George W. Bush,  he understood the threat and took steps to neutralize it.   I imagine being aboard the only plane in the sky  that day concentrated his mind fiercely,  as the handwritten notes  from his press secretary,  Ari Fleischer,  show.   Watching the horror in real time no doubt  produced a  similar effect.

The Weekly Standard’s  piece from  September 24,  2011,  is a poignant reminder of what fifteen years ago looked and felt like.   As the former head of the EPA admits,  the government’s  own scientists  were badly mistaken about the air quality at Ground Zero,  and people have died because of it.   I didn’t believe the rosy reports at the time,  but I had logic and a knowledge of the real world on my side.   Why would anyone now believe government scientists on anything else,  such as global warming?

People who comprehend the  threat worry  about another one.   New York increased security  as the anniversary approached.   As Melissa Clouthier aptly notes,  things have changed,  but  where do  we go from here?   The answer depends on who our next president is,  and on what We the People are willing to do about it.   Some people will turn to  the power  of prayer.  Others,  like Hillsdale College,  will hold a  patriotic remembrance.    The National September 11 Memorial Museum’s goal is  to gather  every face and weave them into the overwhelming tapestry of grief,  loss,  life and joy on display in the memorial gallery.   A few lucky amateur photographers will capture spectacular shots  such as this.

What will you do?






Written by timeforthorns

September 11, 2016 at 8:36 pm

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