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Labor Day salute to the Missouri mule…

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I thought I’d start with something a bit different,  since His Oneness is fond of telling the creators and producers of this country that someone else is responsible for what they did and for any success they achieved.  Of course,  progressives actually believe the only “good” jobs are government jobs,  or at least those jobs arranged by the government.   In reviewing a new  book about  the Oregon trail,  Andrew Wilson sings the praises of an extraordinary draft animal,  responsible for carrying the expansion of the country into the West.   Having worked with both horses and mules myself,  I an attest that they are more independent-minded than horses. Most horses can be worked to death.  No mule can be.  You don’t boss mules around.  You ask for cooperation,  and if they find your request reasonable they will perform the task at hand.   There is a reason the Grand Canyon uses saddle mules instead of horses —  they are more sure-footed,  much less likely to be startled,  and they will simply ignore idiot tourists who try to get them to do something stupid on the canyon’s hazardous trails.

If you want to celebrate Labor Day,  remember that it is entirely a socialist celebration,  despite the fact that it has now morphed into a hymn to labor unions,  which originally served a useful function in protecting workers. Now they operate to enrich the union bosses,  to acquire political power, and to protect the lazy and corrupt while attempting to destroy capitalism. Public-sector  —  i.e., government  —  employees have a  32.5.2% union membership rate,  versus only 6.7% of private employees.   That means your tax dollars are paying for a bunch of them to conduct union business instead of the jobs they were ostensibly hired to do.

Half of the States are now right-to-work states,  meaning they have protections from the labor unions and can not be forced to join them as a condition of their employment.   The unions hate this,  of course,  and are forever attempting to use government force to reacquire power and control over individuals.  If you want a better government,  ban public-sector employees from being union members.   Not only will government cost less,  but it will also be able to actually fire rotten employees,  which would be a nice change, wouldn’t it?

If you want something to celebrate,  cheer the American workers,  not the dictatorial unions which despise them.   And enjoy the fact that these workers have turned a socialist party into an excuse for beer and brats.


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September 5, 2016 at 11:42 pm

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