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Anti-Shariah = Islamophobia…

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At least  according to  the BBC and the hysterical Muslims it featured recently.   Muslim activists have long been using lawfare to force compliance with their wishes,  and too many Western governments are pitifully easy to cow into subservience.   For the record,  strict adherence to Sharia requires that Islamic law be recognized as supreme in all matters,  meaning that inconvenient little documents like our Constitution and Bill of Rights are used by the activists until they are no longer convenient for their purposes,  at which time they will be ignored.

Of course,  progressives would also like to do away with the First and Second Amendments,  just as His Oneness is trying to do via backdoor regulation,  which is precisely what Queen Hillary would do.   My response is that any person or government who seeks to destroy those vital rights is planning on doing something so egregious that the only proper response would be the full use of those protections.




Written by timeforthorns

August 20, 2016 at 11:52 pm

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