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The media want Hillary to be president,  make no mistake,  and it has gone from telling us what’s best for America to panic mode cheating in order to obtain the conclusion it so devoutly wishes.   Jeffrey Lord actually went to  a Trump rally,  and what he witnessed,  inside and out of the venue,  was not what the media reported.

This should surprise exactly no one on earth.   Imagine for a moment what the headlines would scream if Hillary were the Republican candidate  —  Brain-damaged candidate!   Liar-in-chief!   Murderer!   Cold-hearted bitch!   Sociopath!    Old and out of shape!   Immigrant-basher!

You can make up your own for fun,  based on what MSM has already said about Trump.   Don’t get me wrong  — I’m no great fan of The Donald,  but I know with certainty what Hillary will do if she reaches the Oval Office, and how utterly disastrous it will be for my country and so many of its citizens.   I don’t know what Trump will do,  but he has some sound people as advisers,  so we have a fighting chance.

Sheriff David Clarke has produced the best critique of Hillary I’ve ever heard,  specifically that  “her ethical elevator has no bottom floor.”   Read the whole thing  here.   For that and other reasons,  such as Reuters adding undecided voters to Hillary’s numbers to  produce a  surge to put her ahead in the polling,  you shouldn’t freak out over poll numbers,  as even the lefty  Slate magazine  admits,  though it’s much worse that they actually allow for.   One thing even the uninitiated can look for is whether the poll queries likely voters or registered voters.   The former is always more reliable,  because they have already expressed an interest in voting,  which is apparently such a burdensome process that it now goes on for a month in some places  by the time you calculate all the early voting times.

One more thing:  pundits are forever saying that attendance at rallies doesn’t equal votes at the polling booth.   That may have once been more or less true,  but Hillary’s  rally attendance  has been anemic,  and Trump’s have been bursting at the seams when Democratic officials have not interfered with  them.   Trump has demonstrated tremendous pull on social media,  and his latest  campaign ad  on Facebook received over two million views in less than 24 hours.




Written by timeforthorns

August 7, 2016 at 11:53 pm

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