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The  Centers for Disease Control is now worrying that the mosquitoes in the Miami area which carry the Zika virus  are resistant  to the insecticides being used there.   Florida is beginning  an aerial  spraying campaign covering ten square miles in the Miami area to eradicate the carriers of this disease for which there is currently no preventative.

The problem?  If you want to kill mosquitoes,  you do what  Dr. William Gorgas did during the building of the Panama Canal in the early 1900’s.   You eliminate breeding grounds  —  no standing water anywhere,  people —  and you use DDT.   Rachel  Carson and  her followers and their hysterics eventually led to the ban of DDT,  without a scintilla of scientific evidence that the chemical was to blame for even a fraction of the devastation they proclaimed.   Used properly,  DDT works without causing environmental harm,  but the green lobby and the junk scientists at EPA would rather 50 millions people die and even more be harmed by the failure to eradicate mosquitoes and the diseases they carry,  than even consider the sensible use of our vest defense against the little biters.

Call and write your Congress critters —  5 minutes of education on the subject will make you more educated on DDT than any of them.

Or consider the alternative,  which is flooding the affected areas with the proper species of mosquitoes with sterilized males,  who compete ferociously to breed with the females,  who then produce no offspring and die off.   Either way is better than the CDC wringing its hands and over-spraying Miami with insecticides,  which do affect mammals.   I’d also like to see Miami-Dade send its health inspectors out to root out standing water in the area  —  old tires, flower pots, etc. are prime breeding locations,  and if education doesn’t work,  again copy Dr. Gorgas,  who sent out people with guns to shoot holes in pots and buckets and such which held water.







Written by timeforthorns

August 4, 2016 at 11:52 pm

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