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Protesters at Cleveland…

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Some  Communist protesters  managed to burn the flag yesterday,  after announcing their intention to do so,  but a police officer quickly extinguished it.   The other draw was an anti-Trump “wall.”   Despite the great attention paid to this incident and others,  the protesters have  failed to  show up in the numbers forecast, and the confrontations have been limited and efficiently dealt with in a professional manner.

Whoever designed the security plan for Cleveland deserves praise,  and seems to have planned for every contingency so that the necessary assets are available,  but not deployed until needed.   Twenty-two arrests so far is a very small number.   The obvious state of readiness may be one reason that the protesters are no-shows.   I was also struck by the white ponytails and paunches of the Commies,  who were apparently bused in from Chicago.   I hope they are secret Bernie supporters who also plan to attend the Democrats’ convention next week. I would also note that the Bikers for Trump group was polite and orderly and even handed out bottled water to the various law enforcement officers enforcing the dispersal order.

UPDATE:  The flag burner managed to  set himself  on fire along with the flag.   It’s so hard to find a competent anarchist these days…


Written by timeforthorns

July 21, 2016 at 10:09 am

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