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First night speeches…

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Easily the most  emotional speech  of the night was given by Pat Smith,  mother of Sean Smith, who was killed at Benghazi,  and to whom Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama lied about why her son died.

Melania Trump  was the star,  and she  acquitted herself  admirably,  even without considering that English is her second language.   MSM is in full panic mode,  accusing her of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech from a few years ago,  because Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction must own outright the very common phrases Mrs. Trump used,  despite her having lifted the same phrases from Saul Alinsky .   The real difference between the current First Lady and the perhaps future one is not the color of their skins,  but that Mrs. Trump displays the fierce determination of the type of immigrants America needs,  and she  was sincere  when she said becoming an American citizen was “the greatest privilege  on planet Earth.”  Remember that Mrs. Obama wasn’t proud of her country until she became First Lady.

Rick Perry did a first class job in his remarks to introduce former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell,  who abandoned the teleprompter to speak from the heart and  called on  us all to step up and engage in the fight which has been brought to our doorsteps.

Sheriff David Clarke’s theme was  “blue lives matter”,  and his law and order unity remarks were extremely well received.   He is a very impressive individual.

The  stem-winder speech  of the night was from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,  who got waves of applause from the crowd.   Of coursed the ladies of The View  trashed it,  accusing him of making New York unsafe for people of color,  when in fact he put police in the most troubled areas and saved many more black and brown lives than any other politician in the city’s recent history.

Sen. Tom Cotton is a former Army Ranger,  and his natural style is more low-key,  but I found it effective.   Here’s  a transcript.   The earlier kerfuffles of the evening pushed Sen. Joni Ernst beyond her prime-time speaking slot,  but she  did a  good job.   She really is a strong woman,  unlike Hillary,  who barks like a chihuahua while she’s gnawing on your ankles.






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July 19, 2016 at 11:04 pm

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