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If you suffer from what the small number of residents of this location in Arizona call “environmental illness”,   this is a  place where no one will call you crazy.   I can sympathize with the sufferers because I have a number of allergies myself,  though none of them are debilitating.  At worst they give me headaches,  itchy eyes,  eruptions on my skin,  stopped-up sinuses,  and make me incredibly tired,  but they don’t cause me pain and send me to my bed.

In fact,  I suspect most of them have very real symptoms,  and while they made be made worse by their desperate avoidance of what they believe to be triggers,  I doubt they are mentally disturbed except by the stress of having to live as they do.   I’m also not surprised that alternative medicine practitioners are the only physicians who have listened to them.   I considered it a grand victory when I got my own doctor to admit that all modern medicine was basically poison,  which is evident if you read the microscopic fine print in the packaging.




Written by timeforthorns

July 11, 2016 at 11:48 pm

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