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Castile death — another Ferguson?

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For starters,  Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton  claimed Philando  Castile would probably be alive if he were white.   That was not only stupid,  even for a Democrat,  but most likely quite wrong,  as you will see,  if the media will report it honestly

Dan McLaughlin has  some comments  on the racial and cultural and political divides which currently plague us.

Now,  Castile and his girlfriend were angelic innocents just like Michael Brown was,  which is to say they were nothing of the sort.  From the ConservativeTreehouse via Breitbart,  this is the  truth of the matter,  not that the Black Lives Matter activists and Congressional Black Caucus will ever admit any of it.   And there is  more confirmation.

Of course, you will never hear them,  or Loretta Lynch or His Oneness mention another police shooting victim,  because Dylan  Noble was  white.

UPDATE:   The preferred memo continues  to fall  apart.

UPDATE:   The  girlfriend’s lies  are catching up to her.   Are you shocked that MSM so  readily bought  the lies?   Or that Castile’s family has retained a  lawyer?   All in the  face of  the reality,  which contradicts the liberal narrative…



Written by timeforthorns

July 9, 2016 at 11:44 pm

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