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Calling in black…

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These  people are  so weak,  so self-indulgent, so mired in self-regard that I marvel they can actually hold down a job of any sort,  being apparently overwhelmed by the weight of their own emotions that they can not cope with co-workers.

With such pathetic employees,  I am amazed that our tech industries in Silicon Valley do so well.   Yes,  police do have “bad shoots” on occasion, and if they are unjustified,  the shooters should be punished.   But what of the  Obama Administration,  which seeks to minimize the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement,  much as it does that of radical Islamists?

If these people want no cops,  let blue flu strike their neighborhoods for a week and they will be screaming for protection.  Grow up!




Written by timeforthorns

July 8, 2016 at 11:44 pm

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