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Comey protects Lynch, Obama and Clinton…

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FBI Director James Comey just issued a statement avoiding prosecution of Hillary Clinton which made no sense to me,  and I have some background in the law.   As Thomas Lifson  points out here,  how can you describe her actions as  “extremely careless”,  which is pretty much a definition of negligence,  then not find her negligent?   I had forgotten that Comey also declined to recommend indictment of Lois Lerner of the IRS a couple of years ago.

Hillary supporters will claim she has been cleared,  but she actually has not been.   She simply is not being charged with the multiple felonies of which she is guilty on the face of the public record.   Surely the FBI had a competent tech adviser who pointed out that every email Hillary sent from her unsecured server left a copy of that email on every other server it passed through on the way to the intended recipient.   No one needed to hack her server to read all of her email  —  they simply needed to perch some bots on the few routes available from Chappaqua, New York and grab the traffic as it came and went.

I wonder How David Petraeus feels about his penalties for letting his mistress see his personal schedule,  or what about the Navy guy who got tossed for taking a selfie which accidentally showed a portion of his ship’s radar screen behind him?

Now we shall see whether FBI investigators will leak damaging information from behind the scenes.   I don’t know anyone currently employed by the FBI,  but I know several who retired from there and they are infuriated,  with good cause.

As Steven Hayward reports in PowerLine,  the alternative headline might read “FBI Declares Hillary Clinton To Be Complete Liar” because Comey did  lay out some  of Hillary’s lies,  and there are plenty of them.   The cover-up  has been successful.

UPDATE:  Lachlan Markey has the  best distillation  of what Comey said. Andrew McCarthy is less concise,  more brutal.   David French asks the most awkward question:  would  you hire  Hillary?



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