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July 4, 2016…

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Start with some history,  please,  about how Ben Franklin’s creation of the Post Office brought the colonies together.   He also showed how to make a government-run enterprise  efficient and profitable,  something our modern postal service could certainly use.   This is how  a British newspaper explains the American tradition.   It knows more about it than many  Americans do,  but not  as much  as Jackie Gingrich Cushman does.

Debby Witt at The Corner has provided her  usual collection  of interesting links for the occasion.   Since  only 52%  of us claim to being extremely proud to be Americans,  we could obviously use a pep talk.   I think Jay Nordlinger’s  podcast  of music might help  —  it surely lifted my spirits while I was cooking.   Perhaps it would help  these towns  as well, not to mention the grumpy  columnist who  wants “God Bless America” not to be played during the seventh-inning stretch of Major League baseball games.   Judi McLeod has a  far finer  idea with regard to the song.   Of course,  there are the  now customary  thefts of flags and assorted acts of vandalism,  though some people are fighting back.

America is  already great,  but a return of the  fighting spirit  of the Founders would be helpful.   Here’s hoping the new age of political correctness  doesn’t imperil  our safety this year.   Resolve to add some principle to  your pageantry for this year’s celebration,  and use Frank Miele’s  old column  to remind yourself why tyranny must be resisted,  no matter its source,  foreign or domestic.   Perhaps  this view  from an American celebrating abroad will help.





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July 4, 2016 at 10:05 am

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