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Gerald Walpin, R.I.P.

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As an Inspector General,  Gerald Walpin investigated the misdeeds of one of Obama’s cronies,  and found massive misuse of federal funds.  The Obama Administration told him to resign or be fired.   Mr. Walpin courageously  refused to resign  and was instantly fired,  which was itself a violation of rules regarding the dismissal of inspectors general.   Walpin was a canary in the coal mine with regard to the lawlessness of the Obama Administration,  but few people paid attention.

When confronted by Sen. Charles Grassley,  the White House claimed that Walpin was ” too confused”  to perform his duties,  which was a bald-faced lie,  as every interview Walpin subsequently did showed an alert,  intelligent gentleman who was not confused about anything.   Mr. Walpin was struck by a vehicle while crossing a street in Manhattan and died of his injuries,  at age 84.



Written by timeforthorns

June 27, 2016 at 10:07 am

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