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Harry has it backwards…

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Sen. Harry Reid is at  best guilty  of transference,  or,  as I believe,  of lying.   The NRA is fighting to guarantee your Second Amendment rights,  while Harry and company are trying every trick in the very thick progressive playbook to deprive you of them,  including trying to turn the Orlando terror attack into a demand for more gun control.

Like Valerie Jarrett,  Reid wants to  drown out  the NRA,  unable to grasp that the organization consists of individuals who know that the Second Amendment is the ultimate protector of all their other rights.

To add to their woe,  Vox,  a very progressive media outlet has just published a study which shows that blue states with very strict gun control laws are  much more likely  to have mass shootings than red states with looser ones,  especially where Democrats controlled the state legislature.




Written by timeforthorns

June 22, 2016 at 10:09 am

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