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Brexit or Bremain?

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The incomparable Daniel Hannan  lays out  ten consequences of Britain remaining in the European Union.   It’s not as dramatic as  the flotilla  of fishing boats Nigel Farage led up the Thames in support of leaving the EU,  but it’s certainly worth your while,  as is  this piece  by David Pryce-Jones.

Clarice Feldman wonders if both British and U.S. voters are about to put an  end to elitism,  while Peter Hitchens sees the British people  as rising, even as they cause chaos,  revealing a  deep level  of distrust and societal division.   Could it  even help  Donald Trump keep Queen Hillary out of the White House?   The EU fat cats are  sweating heavily  at this stage,  especially since Switzerland has just  formally rescinded  its application to the EU.   They are now reduced to  puerile taunts,  along with the less juvenile,  but quite unseemly,  threats from  His Oneness,  which backfired.

One of the Americans who support Brexit is Roger Simon,  and he makes an elegant case for  it here.    Texas secessionists are certainly  watching  the entire proceeding with an eye toward the future.

A look at recent  economic history  should be enough to convince most people that Brexit has great merit,  but many people don’t grasp the point of  this fable.   And too few realize this Thursday is the  best chance  Britain will ever have at regaining its sovereignty,  although a record number  have registered  for tomorrow’s referendum,  despite the heroic efforts of  those who wish to remain in the crumbling EU.



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June 22, 2016 at 11:49 pm

Harry has it backwards…

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Sen. Harry Reid is at  best guilty  of transference,  or,  as I believe,  of lying.   The NRA is fighting to guarantee your Second Amendment rights,  while Harry and company are trying every trick in the very thick progressive playbook to deprive you of them,  including trying to turn the Orlando terror attack into a demand for more gun control.

Like Valerie Jarrett,  Reid wants to  drown out  the NRA,  unable to grasp that the organization consists of individuals who know that the Second Amendment is the ultimate protector of all their other rights.

To add to their woe,  Vox,  a very progressive media outlet has just published a study which shows that blue states with very strict gun control laws are  much more likely  to have mass shootings than red states with looser ones,  especially where Democrats controlled the state legislature.



Written by timeforthorns

June 22, 2016 at 10:09 am