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Vets on AR-15…

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Veterans disagree on whether the AR-15 is the right choice for civilians,  here  and  here.

Personally,  I think this weapon is a good choice for most people,  but like any firearm,  it needs practice,  people!   Despite all the liberal blathering about it being a killer gun which should be banned,  gang members and other bad guys seldom use long guns because they are hard to hide even with saggy pants and a hoodie.   I like the ease of carry which handguns offer,  and depending on the caliber you choose,  you can stop what you need to,  be it a two-legged snake or a legless one.   Since I live in a rural area,  the latter is what I most often encounter,  though I generally don’t fire at anything other than water moccasins,  which are frequently aggressive,  and the occasional ill-tempered copperhead.




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June 19, 2016 at 10:06 am

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