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Perfect response…

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…to an officious bureaucrat  is this.   The respondents have presented a master course in turning the government’s rules and regulations against it.


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June 15, 2016 at 11:40 pm

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Bill Clinton on Orlando…

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I didn’t go searching for any pix of Bubba blasting something with a gun to see if he looked as out of his depth as His Oneness,  but he apparently is not the smartest man in the room any longer.   His contention that if patrons in the Orlando nightclub had been armed,  more people  would have died is laughable,  but if everyone had simply thrown their drinks at the shooter,  more of them would have lived.  If the first twenty people had simply rushed Mateen after tossing their drinks at his head,  some of them would have died,  but fewer than did actually die by hiding and screaming.

Like every other liberal,  the former president assumes that civilians with guns are ill-prepared lunatics who fire wildly at anything which moves.   The truth is that the average gun owner is less likely to have a “bad shoot” than is someone in law enforcement.   The ordinary gun owner uses his weapon in a defensive posture,  not an offensive one,  and that considered, judicious application of appropriate force stops and prevents harm thousands and thousands of times a year in the USA.   The only reason to attempt to disarm citizens is to make them subjects.  The Founders intended that we never be subjects again,  and gave us the tools to prevent it,  if we can summon the backbone and fortitude to use them.

A single bartender with a sidearm could have stopped Mateen in less than a minute.   Don’t you think the families and friends of the 49 dead at Orlando would have preferred that outcome?

Written by timeforthorns

June 15, 2016 at 10:02 am