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Terrorism isn’t a problem…

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Or so His Oneness continues to tell us all.   He must find it very annoying that Florida law enforcement had no hesitation in branding the attack at a gay nightclub terrorism.   When Obama made his public comments on the attack,  he mentioned hate several times,  gun violence,  and the LGBT community,  but he never uttered the phrase  “Islamic terrorism”,  despite the fact that the shooter,  Omar Mateen,  who was  a Muslim,  and a registered Democrat,  was reported to be shouting  “Allahu Akbar,”   and that ISIL has already taken credit for inspiring the massacre.   No,  the President was much more focused on the fact that the 50 dead and 53 injured were presumably members of the gay community in Orlando.

Even the  FBI has  put Islamic terrorism on the table,  but  not Barack Obama.   After all,  our oh-so-brilliant President still claims that Islam is a religion of peace,  when it actually means not peace,  but submission.   You would think that the worst mass shooting in U.S. history would cause even such an arrogant man to stop denying reality,  but you would be wrong.   We can expect to be lectured and hectored over the next several days about our bigotry and homophobia and unfair treatment of those who differ.  We can also expect to hear that guns are too easy to obtain,  despite the fact that Mateen worked as a security guard and had passed all the necessary checks.

What we should not expect is that the President or anyone in his administration will cut through the BS and speak bluntly,  but I urge you to use this opportunity to crawl up your Congress critters’ backsides and demand an instant stop to the so-called refugee influx Obama is conducting.   I have already emailed all of mine.   What’s your excuse?

Also,  we are already hearing demands for more powers for the police state to invade our privacy.   Two things to bear in mind:  the  FBI had investigated Mateen  twice already,  and Russia,  which is a powerful policed state where citizens have absolutely no privacy whatsoever,  has suffered some of the world’s worst terrorist attacks.   We don’t have a lack of information problem  —  indeed,  we h ave so much data being scooped up that we can’t process it all.   What we need is better intelligence,  and the willingness to profile those who fit what anyone with half a brain already knows fits the most likely terrorist,  followed by the  will to act upon it.



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June 12, 2016 at 11:25 pm

Noah’s Ark collision…

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No,  not the real one,  but a replica,   collided with  a coastguard vessel in Oslo harbor,  and the wooden craft suffered mightily as the photo shows.

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June 12, 2016 at 10:07 am

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