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Beating the Bern…

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I’m sorry,  but there is something very amusing about two groups of Bernie Sanders  supporters attacking  one another,  each believing they were attacking Trump supporters.

Jonah Goldberg wrote an entire book on the fascism of the so-called liberal movement  (Liberal Fascism 2008),  and this is a current example of the strong stench of totalitarianism which pervades those left of center these day.   I urge you to read the book if you want to understand the Sanders supporters and the rent-a-mobs the Left is setting on Trump supporters at nearly every venue.


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June 8, 2016 at 11:56 pm

I’m buying this book…

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So should you,  because Jack Cashill’s new book,   TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy  (Regnery: July 5),   tells the story of a small group of people seeking the truth about the downing of TWA Flight 800.    These eyewitnesses,  independent researchers,  eyewitnesses,  independent researchers,  whistleblowers from within the investigation,  and family members who have turned their grief into action.    At least three of them were arrested,  several others were thrown off the TWA 800 investigation,  and every one of them was ridiculed by a corrupt and compliant media which chose to support their opposition,  including the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB),  the FBI,  the CIA,  and the Clinton White House.

Cashill  aptly calls  TWA 800 Bill Clinton’s Benghazi,  and gives you a taste of why that is so,  and how the CIA was allowed to take over the investigation,  as well as Hillary’s connection to it.

UPDATE:  Here is the  first excerpt.   It should send chills up your spine.

UPDATE:   A witness has come forward with one word:  cover-up.

UPDATE:   CIA  takeover  and cover-up.

UPDATE:  And the media cover-up,  led by  the New York Times.

UPDATE:  James Sanders,  who  was targeted  by the government, weighs in.

UPDATE:  Will Jim Kallstrom  redeem  himself?




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June 8, 2016 at 10:10 am