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Zika answer…

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Rachel Carson,  the environmentalist who drove the DDT ban,  has many lives to answer for,  as do those who continue to support the ban on the one chemical which is universally effective against the always pesky and often dangerous mosquito.

Bring back DDT and you eliminate the source of the Zika problems.   This article makes  the case for DDT well,  and in so doing,  exposes the junk science and agenda-driven hysteria which led to the ban,  costing many thousands of lives and much human misery in the process.    The ban on DDT was an early example of my maxim that science doesn’t lie, but environmentalists often do.



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June 7, 2016 at 11:57 pm

Dangerous government fail…

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has done some superior work,  but we now know that it apparently  can’t maintain   crucial safety systems at its bio-labs,  which handle extremely dangerous pathogens.

It took three and a half years for the CDC to respond to USA Today’s FOIA request,  which is typical for the Obama Administration’s refusal to obey yet another of the laws under which it supposedly operates.   The CDC assures us everything is up to par now,  just like His Oneness assuring us how wonderful the economy really was only days before a truly pathetic jobs report was issued,  but I don’t believe it.

Here is why:   The newly released records include emails showing some within the agency sought at the time to avoid reporting to federal lab regulators in another division at the agency.   If the CDC attempted to hide its own failures,  how thorough of a job is it doing when investigating lapses elsewhere?

Furthermore,  a subset of  CDC labs were among a handful of labs nationwide that have had their federal permits secretly suspended in recent years for serious safety violations while working with bio-terror pathogens.   The CDC even kept Congress in the dark about these incidents,  despite being asked directly in 2014 by an oversight committee for  a list all incidents at CDC labs since 2002 involving bio-terror pathogens found in unauthorized areas.  The CDC claims various incidents were inadvertently omitted,  which is a rather stinky fish in the barrel,  don’t you think?   It also claims to have upgraded its reporting system, which says to me it won’t work any better than the old one until you replace the people who refused to abide by the old one.


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June 7, 2016 at 10:05 am

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