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Memorial Day 2016…

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Vandals have been busy this weekend,  at  Petersburg National  Battlefield,  the  Vietnam War   Memorial in Venice,  a  Purple Heart plant bed,  in Anniston, Alabama,  and  in Henderson  where they have caught the culprit.   The Chicago Tribune ran an ad luring subscribers,   but  featuring the  U.S. flag backwards.

On the other side,  we have U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan  singing for us,  Steve  McCann giving  thanks, and officers aboard the U.S.S. Bataan saluting the  new greatest generation.   These  four veterans  serve in Congress,  and we are lucky to have them.   When they talk about war,  everyone should listen attentively.   Some families have made stupendous sacrifices for  their country through the years.

Valerie Strauss educates us on  the difference  between Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day.   Walt Whitman wrote about  the reasons  for this day many years ago.   Considering how poorly  people did  on Jesse Watter’s quiz,  many of us could use the information,  since schools apparently don’t teach such politically incorrect nonsense any more.

A tiny community in Illinois has given Civil War soldiers their identities back by  obtaining new  headstones for their graves.   My ancestors were mostly on the opposite side,  but all who served deserve honor and remembrance.

James Roberts sees this Memorial Day  as different  from others.   The rather poisonous atmosphere may be different,   but the occasion is the same for me.   How did you celebrate?   Are you at the lake or beach in party mode,  or have you  spared a thought  for the meaning of the day during the festivities?   Did you buy  your flags  yet,  or are you waiting for Flag Day or July 4th?

James Pinkerton offers a  lovely tribute  to Arlington,  calling it his church.   End with Pres. Ronald Reagan’s  inspiring words,  rendered by the Hillsdale College choir.






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