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Would you send your child to school if he had  to negotiate  an 800 foot high cliff coming and going?   These Chinese parents do.   Life is still considered cheap in China,  at least for the peasants and the impoverished,  but the trek is considered so dangerous that these children board at the school and return home only twice a month.

Would the government have considered doing anything about the situation if the photographs were not online?   Probably not.   Communism is government by force which need not consider the sensibilities of those who suffer under it.   Of course,  that disregard for human life is one reason Chinese medicine advanced so rapidly.   They had plenty of subjects to use as guinea pigs,  and they kept detailed records of their studies.

UPDATE:  My bad  —  the cliff is 800 meters,  not feet,  meaning it’s more than 2,500 feet.   If there is any good news,  it’s that authorities are considering replacing the  bamboo ladders  with steel stairs.




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May 29, 2016 at 10:05 am

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