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Salt police…

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This is proof  that New York City is run by tyrannical lunatics.    Mayor de Blasio,  under investigation for corruption,  is very proud that his government can enforce the high-salt fines against restaurants while the regulation is under appeal in the court system.  Are you aware that only about ten percent of the population is actually sensitive to sodium,  and that there is a blood test which will reveal if an individual is one of them?

Do you know that humans need some level of sodium to live?  Did you learn in school that salt was so valued in ancient times that Roman soldiers were paid in the prized mineral, and that’s where we get the term “salary” from?

If you are otherwise healthy,  if you eat a lot of salt one day,  you will naturally drink more fluid,  which will help your kidneys excrete the excess sodium.   The human body works pretty darned well,  particularly when it’s free of modern drugs.

Meanwhile,  His Honor thinks people shouldn’t be punished for using public streets as bathrooms.   The progressive mind is a thing of wonder…


Written by timeforthorns

May 28, 2016 at 11:53 pm

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