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Target blow-back…

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Target’s politically correct genuflection to the LGBT activists in letting customers self-select their restroom choices based on how they feel at the time has angered over 350,000 people sufficiently to make them sign a petition against  the company’s new policy.   It’s nice to know that many citizens recognize that issuing an invitation to pedophiles,  peeping toms, stupid boys and perverted people is not a good idea if you want women and children to be safe in semi-public restrooms.

Now it’s  up to  more than half a million.

UPDATE:  David French has the  most sensible  reaction to Target’s ill-advised decision that I’ve come across.

UPDATE:  Now nearly  a million  people have signed the pledge to boycott Target because of its insane policy.

UPDATE:   Target must be so proud of itself for losing an estimated $2.5 billion by putting women and children at the mercy of perverts in its restrooms.   I wonder what Target shareholders think of its policy of inclusion.

UPDATE:  Over 1.2 million people  have now  signed the petition.   Target has dug its heels in to defend its stance,  and is brushing off its infuriated now-former customers.

UPDATE:   Even more people have signed the petition,  and Target’s market cap has since declined 12%,  or  more than  $6 billion since it announced its new policy.




Written by timeforthorns

April 26, 2016 at 10:08 am

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