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Good Samaritan dying out…

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I don’t know why researchers were surprised to discover that people aren’t helping  strangers in emergencies as much as they once did.   Government at all levels insist that we citizens leave it to the professionals,  and progressives demand that government provide everything for those who lack anything.   Public schools spend more time teaching students improved self-esteem than imparting information which may actually be useful in life.

You are racist/bigoted/cruel if you dare expect individuals to be responsible for their own conduct instead of blaming their lack of judgment and poor life choices on parents/culture/society.   The laws which used to protect Good Samaritans have been weakened and overturned in many states,  which makes many more reluctant to offer assistance,  lest they be sued into the poor house.

I have stopped to render aid at a dozen or so accident scenes in my life. The only difference is that I now carry disposable gloves for my own safety,  mindful of HIV and other transmissible diseases.   But I would still stop,  because I have first aid training and I don’t panic,  and sometimes a calming presence is as useful a tool as anything.

What about you?   Would you stop to help someone you didn’t know?




Written by timeforthorns

April 19, 2016 at 11:58 pm

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