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This ain’t justice…

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Ethan Couch,  the teen who escaped imprisonment two years ago because the attorneys his wealthy parents hired successfully argued that his upbringing  prevented him  from understanding the consequences of his actions,  has received a measly two years for violating parole and fleeing the country.

Couch killed four people in his DUI crash.   The so-called “affluenza” teen should be in prison for many,  many years,  and if true justice were to be delivered,  his sorry excuse for a mother should be there as well.   I’ve known people who were extremely wealthy.   Most of them were bored, many landed somewhere on the register from distrustful to paranoid,  and more than a few thought the rules didn’t really apply to them,  but I can’t recall any of them behaving as if their causing another’s death would mean absolutely nothing.



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April 13, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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