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Public apology game…

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I could not agree more with Karol Markowicz  regarding  the pathetic  —  and veering towards dangerous  —  overuse of the calls for public apology.  I’m sick of politicians employing it to score points,  of Hollywood elites trying to gain public sympathy with it,  and a host of others trotting it out to avoid answering or asking tough questions.

If you have something for which you need to apologize,  say you’re sorry,  sincerely,  right the wrong,  then shut up about it.   Most people demanding an apology are themselves guilty of doing many things for which they should apologize.   Hillary Clinton springs to mind here.   Others,  like Barack Obama,  are guilty of apologizing without cause.   Of course,  His Oneness was apologizing to the world for America, instead of apologizing to Americans and the world for having failed utterly as a president on every front.   All irritate me equally at this point.   Grow up,  people!


Written by timeforthorns

March 14, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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