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Valentine’s 2016…

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I hope you celebrated Valentine’s Day on Sunday with loved ones.  Of course,  if you did so in Iran,  you  were guilty  of a crime.   If you were a chef in the United Kingdom,  you took foie gras off your restaurant’s Valentine’s menu because of death threats  from vegan  activists.   Stateside,  the Northeast was  so cold  that outdoor venues were being closed and festivities canceled.   Adding to the gloom was the discovery of the  autopsy notes  on the seven victims of the Chicago Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929.

To counteract all that,  have some love-related  music here,   and ten old love  songs here.   While listening,  you can learn about the  true origins  of the day,  and give a round of applause for the church members who prevented their bishop  from removing  Saint Valentine’s remains from the cathedral in Terni,  Umbria,  where they have been since the 17th Century.

Even  animals can  get in on the love-fest!   For dessert,  enjoy Debby Witt’s  buffet of  Valentine goodies.









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February 16, 2016 at 10:06 am

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