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Justice Antonin Scalia, R.I.P.

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Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia  has died  while on a hunting trip in Texas,  apparently of natural causes.   For thirty years this Reagan appointee staunchly defended the Constitution,  and thereby,  We the People.

He was both witty and charming,  and unlike His Oneness,  understood and gloried in the fact that the Constitution was expressly designed to ensure the rights of citizens against the government.   Read anything he wrote in any decision and compare it to the best ever produced by Obama appointees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.   You will be stunned at the the difference between the scholarly,  logical,  even witty,  reasoning of Scalia versus the puerile displays of emotions and personal moral posing of the latter two justices.

I can only imagine what sort of anti-Constitutional jurist Obama will appoint this time around.   What a disaster looms before us.

UP)DATE:   Sen. Mitch McConnell says,  quite properly, that no replacement should be confirmed  until after  the election.   Notwithstanding Ed Whelan’s  informative post  on the historical aspects of the precedents,  or lack thereof in this case,  His Oneness will no doubt try,  and whine pathetically the entire time while using the situation to make as  much political  hay as possible.   I suspect he will try to claim that Congress is in recess,  whether it is or not,  which he has tried before.




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February 13, 2016 at 10:53 pm

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