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A Japanese firm is going to use robots for  intensive vertical  farming,  a futuristic system which will use humans only for planting seedlings,  which are too fragile for mechanical hands to cope with.   The plant of choice will be lettuce,  grown inside with LED lights and no pesticides,  and the operation is expected to commence in mid-2017.

America is blessed with abundant land suitable for farming a wide variety of food crops,  but Japan and many other countries are much less fortunate.   Hopefully this venture will produce insights and techniques which can be applied elsewhere.

The concept of vertical farming is a very old one,  though modern technology as refined it enormously.  I have long used cornstalks as poles for beans and vines to climb up,  and I often use taller,  short-lived plants to provide shade for smaller plants which take longer to mature and can’t take full sun early on.   Even though I grow most of my vegetables in pots, I over-plant so as to leave no space for weeds to flourish in.


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February 3, 2016 at 10:05 am

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