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Social Security trouble looms…

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The Social Security Trust Fund has  just suffered  its first annual decline since Congress shored up the program in 1983.   This is a warning symptom of the sand upon which this government-sponsored Ponzi scheme stands.

Despite the rosy projections of His Oneness,  coupled with the misdirections of his Treasury Secretary,  this program,  like so many others,  is at severe financial risk,  and not entirely because so many people are retiring at the earliest date possible,  or because so many have claimed disability,  which the claims personnel apparently are too busy to verify.

If you think the numbers look less than healthy now,  just wait until next year when the flagging economy has tanked again,  growth has gone negative,  and the progressives are screaming for higher taxes to “help the people.”   Refuse to vote for a Republican and your taxes will assuredly skyrocket,  the little privacy you retain will be wiped out,  and as the Bill of Rights is shredded along with the Constitution,  prepare to become a subject instead of a citizen.


Written by timeforthorns

January 22, 2016 at 10:11 am

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