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Walmart retrenchment…

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Walmart stays in business by innovating,  and when the innovations don’t produce  the desired  results,  it clears the failures off the table.   That’s how non-crony capitalism works  —  the consumer in the marketplace is the only big thumb on the scale of success.

Expect the customary crowing from the progressives and Leftists,  all of whom hate Walmart,  because it has done more for the poor and middle class than all of their governmental programs put together.

Do you share the elites’ disdain for Walmart?   I don’t.   I shop there a couple of times a month for staples,  a new coffeemaker when I need one,  some kitchen towels…   I’m not the least bit ashamed to be seen with a Walmart bag,  and I laugh at people who are.   I spend prudently,  thoughtfully,  and because of it I have live better than many people whose annual income far surpasses mine.   Walmart helps me achieve that.




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January 15, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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