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Monarchs are cheaper…

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Dan Hannan writes as well as he speaks.   In  this piece  he points out that monarchs are both humbler and cheaper than our current monarchical pretender,  His Oneness Obama.   As always,  he encourages his cousins to wake up and get busy asserting their rights and protecting the Constitution.

Judicial Watch has compiled just the transportation costs of the Obama’s vacations,  for a staggering total  of over  $15 million.   Add in other verifiable costs and the total rises to  more than  $44 million,  and your tax dollars were used  for most  of it.   Remember the media howling about President George W. Bush’s many vacations and how much they cost?    Well,  often he  stayed on   family property,  so his lodging costs were de minimis.



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January 13, 2016 at 10:06 am

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