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Kennedys for sale…

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Well,  some of  the family’s belongings from the Palm Beach,  Florida compound will be on January 23rd.    The property itself was sold last May,  so I imagine the new owners are looking to recoup some of the $31 million cost by having this sale.

I wouldn’t pay a penny for any of it,  never having been a fan of the carefully crafted and wholly fabricated Camelot legend surrounding the family,  since it protected them all from the consequences of reality,  resulting in a group of people characterized by arrogance,  carelessness, thoughtlessness and poor judgment,  which resulted in the deaths of some of them,  and other people as well.   The strain of weakness in the genes has led to drug and alcohol addiction and no little amount of bizarre behavior by members of the clan.  Small wonder His Oneness is fond of comparing himself to JFK,  since he displays many of the same qualities.

But if you’re enamored of the fairy tale,  you can probably pick up some of their bits and pieces for a couple of paychecks.


Written by timeforthorns

January 2, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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