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Christmas pondering, 2015…

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Is this  what Jesus looked like?   We don’t know,  of course,  but a British anatomical artist has taken a reasoned shot at figuring it out.   Jerry Newcombe tries to figure out if Christmas has all the  pagan roots  it is reported to have.   As Kevin Williamson points out,  the  real story  is a very strange tale.   George Weigel looks at  a larger  picture.

Artsy.net examines  Nativity scenes  in art through the years.

How would you like to spend 74 years being asked about  a letter  you wrote as a child?   Virginia O’Hanlon was.   If you’re a fan of the movie  “It’s a Wonderful Life”,  you’ll be interested in the  real man  the character George Bailey is based upon.

Compare this year’s  Christmas address  of His Oneness with  one by Ronald Reagan.   Shocking difference,  isn’t there?

What if Charles Dickens were a Trekkie?   A  stage production  of  “A Klingon Christmas Carol”,  presented in the made-up Klingon language, attempts to answer this question.   You can also  acquire Star  Wars cards for the Christmas season if you’re so inclined.

Back to more serious matters,  Victor Davis Hanson urges us to revive the tradition  of gratitude,  which Cicero viewed as the parent of all other virtues.

Kevin Williamson reminds us that capitalism is the true provider of gifts,   and that  government is  not Santa Claus.


Written by timeforthorns

December 30, 2015 at 10:16 am

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