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…in war-torn areas,  actually looks  like this.   His Oneness can claim to have no boots on the ground anywhere,   but it is a bald-faced lie and a dangerous one.   Too few troops is far more risky than too many.   Mr. Obama  will ultimately  be responsible for  more deaths  and injuries to our special operators  than George  W. Bush ever was.   The operators know this,  they know their commander-in-chief does not respect them,  and yet they go anyway.

Part of the problem is the insanely restrictive  rules of  engagement,  which place our military personnel at risk while also forcing them to consider and weigh the consequences and possible repercussions of actions,  thus exposing them to more danger.   If you must fight a war,  then you must let your troops fight,  not simply send them to be sitting ducks so you can say you are not a war president.   It is impossible to conduct a war  when you have no clearly defined goal,  no policy to support,  no clue as to what victory looks like,  and no apparent appetite for actually achieving any victory other than the protection of your presidential and personal legacy.

By the way,  if,  like the elites,  you don’t think soldiers are very smart,  watch  this video  of Marines’ reactions to W versus that to His Oneness.


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December 28, 2015 at 11:51 pm

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