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Santa Bush, Scrooge Obama…

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For the eight years of his presidency,  the family of George W. Bush never went further than Camp David during the Christmas season,  until the day AFTER Christmas,  thereby allowing Secret Service,  White House staff,  journalists,  and others to spend Christmas Day with their families.

Every year the Obama family jets off to Hawaii well before Christmas,  so Christmas with family and friends is out for many of those people.  The Obamas feel so entitled that they need not be considerate of others,  which is why they are so often late for events.   The Bush family was rarely late for anything at all,  and this is but one example of the consideration  they showed for the people whose lives were affected by their travels.

Class does indeed tell,  and if historians are truthful,  the Obama Administration will be known as one of power and cunning and ruthlessness and corruption,  but utterly bereft of class.


Written by timeforthorns

December 26, 2015 at 11:34 pm

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