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Grinch at Christmas 2015…

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Someone stole a thousand Christmas  trees from  a Costco.   Chicago’s official Christmas tree in Millennium Park  was vandalized.   Harvard is too busy serving up  social justice  to educate its students.   A Kentucky school district removed  all religious  references  in an elementary production of  “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.   Cornell prohibits  angels and mistletoe.

Here are the  customary warnings  about Yuletide hazards to household pets at this time of year.   One Santa  was very  disobliging.   Somalia has banned  Christmas altogether,  along with New Year’s celebrations.

Bethlehem,  NY did  not install  its traditional  “Merry Christmas” sign this year.   The seasonal songs we’ve all long enjoyed  are offensive,  don’t you know.   The Washington Post  frets that  commercialism has devoured Christmas,  as if those grinches care about a Christian holiday.

For balance,  Newsmax put together a list of  great places  to visit over the holidays.   Pure Wow has another list with  some spectacular  photos.

There will be a  full moon  this Christmas,  assuming you live in a place which has skies clear enough to allow you to see it for the first time since 1977.   It won’t happen again until 2034.   Perhaps moon madness is infecting some of us.   Do you remember when no one  was afraid  to wish you a Merry Christmas?






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