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Europe’s year from hell…

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…isn’t quite over yet,  with refugees still pouring over the non-borders,  and next year bids fair to be  even worse  with Britain contemplating departure from the European Union.

Let’s face it  — the EU was an awful idea,  so bad it could have been dreamed up only by the over-educated,  over-paid snobby elites who run the EU.   Like His Oneness,  because they have for so long been protected from the consequences of reality,  they are now so divorced from reality that they have come to believe wishing will make it so.

The former nations which make up the EU are much less diverse than America.   They have distinct characters and cultures,  despite the relentless sameness imagined and imposed by the Brussels bunch,  which has been determined to make them all as poor and dysfunctional as Greece.   The EU has never worked,  and it was never going to work,  just like ObamaCare,  and it will end as a huge failed social experiment which ignored history and human nature,  and wasted billions of dollars.   It is too much to hope that our own progressives and Leftists will learn a damned thing from it all.


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December 21, 2015 at 11:52 pm

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