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National Review at 60…

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Enjoy this  commemorative video  courtesy of NR’s sister organization, the National Review Institute.

Jeff Jacoby pens  his gratitude  to National Review.   And it doesn’t hurt that Pres. Ronald Reagan  was a  huge fan.

I’ve been a reader and supporter for half a century myself,  and the magazine is indispensable to me.  It has provoked much thought,  a great deal of information,  prescient warnings,  and a good dose of humor.   I don’t always agree with the authors’ conclusions,  but the writing is always first-rate,  and in these days of sloppy syntax and illogical babble,  I appreciate it more than ever.

If you are a subscriber,  please renew.   If you are not,  consider becoming one.   If you are someone who reads a lot of the articles and blog posts online,  consider throwing a few bucks NR’s way.   They have been fighting for conservative principles for 60 years,  and they need funding to continue doing so.   Won’t you help them out a bit?



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