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This should have happened…

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…years ago.   Thank God the Brits  are bombing  the heck out of the ISIS oilfields in Syria,  something His Oneness has refused to do supposedly because of the  environmental  impact and because he didn’t want to destroy infrastructure which could be used by the Syrian people.   The real reason was that His Oneness did not wish to fight ISIS,  even by severely damaging a major source of revenue for the group.   If he did,  Raqqa would have been reduced to a pile of smoking rubble years ago,  instead of being left to  the French,  to whom we provided the specific coordinates.

If you think back to the Gulf Wars,  when Iraqis set their own oilfields ablaze,  the environmentalists prophesied doom and disaster to ruin the world.   Thanks to American companies with long experience and technical superiority,  the wells were capped in remarkably little time,  then repaired and returned to service.


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December 5, 2015 at 10:09 am

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